IPhone 8, Apple would have decided: fast charging with USB-Type C

While approaching the much anticipated time of Apple’s announcement of its new iPhone, rumors are intensifying and contradicting themselves. It is well known that Cupertino loves to cultivate in enthusiasts the secrets they seek to discover, especially as we approach the tenth anniversary of the Melafonino from his debut.

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Apple could celebrate the event with a special model. IPhone 8, in fact, could be equipped with new technologies. Our American colleagues on the Wall Street Journal had speculated in a previous article that the smartphone would host a USB Type-C port. A thesis that Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst of KGI Securities, considers unfounded.


The analyst, who is also considered one of the most trusted sources, said in one of his research that the USB type C port allows a fast exchange of data, compared to the most successful Lightning input. However, this does not affect the brand, which has always preferred to move away from the norms, especially since the Lightning port, characteristic of Cupertino, is generating income.


Kuo Ming-who has hinted that the door can remain the same, while incorporating the USB Type-C technology. It would be, therefore, not to exclude that the USB cable embed the Type-C on the other end, to be inserted in the MacBook. In fact, already equipped with this technology.


A superlative design


Experts agree on the screen, which could cover the entire surface of the device thanks to OLED technology. The company KGI believes that IPhone could reach a size of 5.8 inches, and it would seem to be bigger than subtle.


Unfortunately, even the price could be of exceptional size. Even we talk about over 1,000 dollars.

4 keys explaining why USB type C is the future

For those who are the first time that read something about USB type C or USB 3.1., you’re interested in reading this. It is the heir of the traditional USB ports and, although it takes a while to launch, has been with the presentation of Apple MacBooks, when it has begun to become a reality.


The USB connection type C is expected to be the port of the future, for both computers and smartphones that will be launched soon. In such a way that all devices are expected to end up carrying this connection port.


This connector brings with it many advantages, oriented mainly to make it all faster and easier. Below we tell you what are:




The USB-C connector is similar in size to the MicroUSB port, but with a clear advantage, since its shape allows it to be connected in any position, it is reversible. This is something similar to what happened with the Apple Chargers, as the old 30-pin chargers could only connect them in one position, until they launched their Lightning chargers, which can already be connected in any position.


2. Fast


Currently, in order to make a comparison, USB 2.0 ports predominate on older computers and USB 3.0 in the newer ones (although it is an estimate, there is no written rule about it). The USB 2.0 has a maximum transmission speed of 480 Mb/s, while in the USB 3.0 connectors we are going at speeds of up to 4 ‘ 8 GB/s, which is a more than considerable increase of 2.0 to 3.0. Well, the USB-C which is what we’re dealing with today, has a maximum transmission speed of up to 10/s. Something really useful these days when we need to transfer heavier files every time.


3. multisignal


Can you imagine loading the laptop and smartphone with the same cable? or use the same with which you load your laptop to connect to a monitor? This is what is intended with USB-C, because it allows to transmit different types of signal (data, audio, video or energy) with a single connector. This is expected to reduce the number of different cables that we have to have for different devices.


4. Current Flow


USB-C allows to withstand 100w power, enough to charge a laptop for example, but also allows you to simultaneously load several smartphones. In addition, the current flow can be modified without changing the position of the cable. A smartphone could load a tablet and vice versa without moving the cable.


These are the main novelties that await us with the USB-C. Apple has already introduced them in their new MacBook, and even Android already supports this connector in its version 6 known as MarshMallow. This is why it is important to go familiar with USB-C, because as experts indicate, it is the connection of the future.


Have you ever heard of the USB-C HUB? How do you like your advantages?